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News Windows XP support dropped for rFactor 2 in Build 860 update


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Game: Rfactor 2

Platform: PC

Publisher: Image Space Incorporated

Release Date: 28/03/2013

rFactor 2's latest update build has been released, effectively terminating the title's compatability with Windows XP.

According to developer Image Space Incorporated, the decision to drop support of the 13 year old operating system is to "make exploitations" of more recent and "state of the art" Windows API systems.

Build 860 also brings an array of subtle improvements and bug fixes to the PC racing title, ranging from alterations to how car ride height affects the aerodynamics simulation to a new server UI, and new terrain shaders for rFactor 2 modders to AI coding tweaks.

The full patch notes for rFactor 2 Build 860 can be found below:


– Added slightly more informative (as in, the actual file names that fail to load) logging to commentary loading.


– Fixed TrackIR in 64-bit.

– Fixed bug with English version of the game to make degree signs for temperature (°) consistent through out.

– Reduced some violent collisions caused by tiny gaps in the wall.

– Fixed possible crash at shutdown.



– Improved AIW editor waypoint by waypoint calculated speed matcher. It’s now less likely to get confused and auto advances the selected wp in the direction you are (or should be) working.


– Can set AI setup (select the AI from the grid, then select the setup you want from the garage, and hit the set to AI button), and it takes next time the car enters the garage

– AIs now turn off engine when heading back into garage.

– Changed “AI Setup” button so that user dictated setups can’t overwrite upgrade configurations dictated by component. Renamed it to “Force Setup”, because it’s not just AI that are forced to use this setup, but the player as well.

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