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Wincars Racer is a fast-paced Wacky Racers inspired racing game that is currently in development by DragonJam Studios and is scheduled for a summer release for the PC.

DragonJam recently revealed the game's four car series along with a new demonstration video which can be seen below. The game's four disciplines are Formula Auto, Off Road, Gran Turismo and Sport Class. The Formula Auto series is said to be the hardest of all the disciplines to get to grips with, knowing the circuit like the back of your hand is key with these cars. Their high speed and excellent grip levels make them suited to the competition circuits found in the game.

The Off Road series cars are for use on rally circuits, their lower top speeds are offset by their fantastic cornering ability. The Off Road cars also excel on countryside and non-principal roads thanks to their four-wheel drive systems. The city streets are home to the Gran Turismo cars, they may not be the fastest or possess the greatest acceleration, but they handle extremely well and can drift through the streets with ease. Finally, the Sport Class cars have a maximum speed that gives the Formula Auto class a run for their money and are perfect for countryside races according to DragonJam.

Check out the gameplay video below showing all four series in action.

DragonJam Studios say they have a total of 11 cars developed for the game so far with more on the way. Back in March this year, DragonJam had to rename their upcoming racer which was previously known as Formula Wincars. The change was made due to a number of reasons including people wrongly identifying the game as a Formula One title and they were even told that could have license problems for using the word Formula.

Earlier today DragonJam Studios wrote “Wincars Racer is coming…..Are you ready for challenge?“ on their official Twitter page, so expect a release date announcement any time now, we'll keep an eye on this game and update you as soon as we know more.

What do you make of this Wacky Racers-esque racer?

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