Watch Sony's Paris Games Week PlayStation Media Showcase here - Team VVV

News Watch Sony’s Paris Games Week PlayStation Media Showcase here


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Sony will be kickstarting the major proceedings at this year's Paris Games Week expo later today, courtesy of its PlayStation Media Showcase demonstration.

As expected, Sony will be bringing several first and third party titles to its PlayStation conference, with the statement of "E3 was only half the story" being the only pre-showcase allusion to the quantity and variety of games being featured.

Going on past showcases, we expect Sony to unveil some new IPs at its conference, alongside updates to titles demonstrated at last year's PlayStation Media Showcase. PlayStation VR titles are also likely to have a more prominent presence here than at prior showcases.

Interestingy, it appears Codemasters will have something being displayed at the PlayStation Media Showcase at some point. At time of writing, it's unknown what will be presented there, but we're hopeful it'll involve the former Evolution Studios team that Codemasters took under its wing last year.

You can watch the 2017 Paris Games Week's PlayStation Media Conference below in the embedded YouTube player.


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