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News Trials Fusion Riders of the Rustlands DLC landing later this month


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Game: Trials Fusion

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: 15/04/2014

The first of six planned DLC packs for Trials Fusion has been unveiled for a global release on July 29th. 

Called Riders of the Rustlands, the DLC pack offers new tracks set in "abandoned industrial wastelands", challenges and Track Editor objects.

Season pass holders will be able to access the extra content for free (a season pass comes bundled with the boxed release or can be purchased separately for £15.99), or the DLC can be purchased separately for £3.99. 

Here's a breakdown of all the content 

5 new achievements/trophies

10 new tracks

6 classic Trials tracks

One new Skill Game (“Laws of Motion”)

18 new Track Challenges

Each classic Trials track contains 3 Track Challenges

Infiltrate the Outsiders’ hidden base

Find more secret squirrels

Dozens of new Editor Objects

Steel pipe set

Computer mainframes

Five more DLC packs are set to follow between now and May 2015. The next DLC pack has already been revealed as Empire of the Sky, which will apparently "take players far above the planet to explore floating islands" when it launches later this Summer. 

Paying for extra levels seems a tad redundant when there's already a wealth of community-created levels regularly available, but you know RedLynx's levels will always triumph. Will be lapping this DLC up?

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