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News Trials Evolution Gold Edition landing on PC March 21st


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Game: Trials Evolution

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: 18/04/2012

Trials Evolution may be known as a signature series on XBLA that has players hooked on its criminally addictive trial and error-based bike gameplay, but did you know the series originally started out on PC?

You see, before RedLynx made a splash on Xbox 360 with their breakthrough hit Trials HD the series was only playable on PC, starting as a primitive Flash-based game that did well to distract me during insipid IT lessons. This was followed by Trials 2: Second Edition in 2008, a downloadable 3D remake by indie developer RedLynx with upgraded graphics and physics and of course the same gruelling gameplay the series is renowned for. It paved the way for the highly successful Trials HD and Trials Evolution, now a staple success story on XBLA that has been downloaded over four million times.  

Specifically optimised for PC, Trials HD's levels will be recreated using Trials Evolution's graphics and physics engine. While it is said that Trials Evolution will sport all of the content found in the XBLA original that will be "re-integrated into the game in a way that fits the new platform", including all the single player tracks, skill games and level editor along with global leaderboards and four player online multiplayer, it's unclear whether or not it will also sport the bonus content found in the Origin of Pain and Riders of Doom DLC. We certainly hope so, particularly if Trials Evolution Gold is being billed as a 'complete' edition of the game.

It may have taken a year to finally land on PC, but it's not an uncommon practice – Rockstar's GTA games are typically released on PC around a year after the console versions, for examples. Still, we're pleased to see the franchise reach out to a wider audience, and while the series will never see the light of day on PS3, Urban Trial Freestyle is looking like it could be a viable alternative. Everyone's a winner, then. Well, apart from the extra keyboard and controller casualties that will no doubt become the brunt of your frustration as you repeat that same cursed level for the umpteenth time. Don't say we didn't warn you. 

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