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The T-Wireless controller has been one of Thrustmaster’s most acclaimed products in recent years, so it’s of no real surprise that the Oregon-based gaming hardware developer, best known for their racing peripherals such as the mighty T500 wheel,  has decided to revamp one of its best sellers to make it even more desirable.

The tweaks made to the T-Wireless ‘Black’ (there are no prizes for guessing what colour it comes in…) are quite useful, especially if you’re the sort of person whose gaming sessions last for several hours at a time. The analog sticks and the handles, for instance, are covered in a grippy yet comfortable material, which Thrustmaster claim is perfect for the ‘intensive gamer’.

They’ve also been fiddling around with ways in which to improve the controller’s battery life.

It’s also quite handy, it seems, if you like to set-up all the buttons and customise their assignments to your liking – though there is one button that’s been dedicated specifically for accessing menu screens on the PS3 (the T-Wireless only works on the PS3 and PC), it comes with a ‘Mapping’ feature that allows you to choose which button does what. Which is useful if you play one of the handful of current games that doesn’t have the option of altering the button controls (yes, those games do still exist in this day and age!).

Thrustmaster claims that the T-Wireless will go on sale this month for a retail price of £19.99. However, as the company is heavily pushing its capabilities as a device for co-op gaming – in the official press release, the PR folk liken the ‘playing fields of the PS3 and PC’ to the European Football Championships when describing how useful it is to play with the person you’re sharing the sofa with – it’ll also be selling a pair of them in the ‘T-Wireless Duo Pack’ for £39.99 from roughly the same time period.

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