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Kevin Dooley


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Game: RaceRoom Racing Experience

Platform: PC

Publisher: Sector 3 Studios

Release Date: 12/02/2013

To share our excitement of getting our hands on the Thrustmaster TS PC Racer wheel we decided to film the moment we took it out of the box.

The open wheel style rim did take us back a bit when we saw the very bright colour scheme surrounding the many different buttons which did make the rim feel more of a toy rather than a serious piece of sim racing technology.

The rim felt nice and solid in our hands and the grip material felt very comfortable making it a joy to race with. The base itself is a fairly chunky and weighs more than we were expecting thanks to the decent amount of metal in its construction. The base comes with the usual mode and additional buttons that we've come accustomed to over the years with Thrustmaster products.

The rear positioned fan on the base runs silently (at least from our experiences so far) which was a pleasant surprise. Another surprise was the power supply with its turbo-like appearance, many will dismiss the design as a simple gimmick but we appreciated the extra effort Thrustmaster have made here to make the power supply look more anesthetically pleasing and less like a brick as found typically.

We then attach the base and wheel to our triple screen setup and give the hardware a test with RaceRoom Racing Experience. You can view the unboxing and testing in the video below.

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