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News Thrustmaster tease new Ferrari Xbox 360 Wheel


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The Xbox 360 wheel market isn't exactly overcrowded, so it's always encouraging to hear of new developments. 

Following on from their budget Ferrari F458 Italia Racing Wheel, Thrustmaster have started to tease the unveiling of yet another Ferrari wheel designed for the Xbox 360 in a new teaser video.

While a full reveal is said to be coming next week on August 15th, the video shows signs for some encouragement. The materials still look a tad on the cheap side close-up so it's unlikely to rival that of the mighty T500, but the metal-plate pedals indicate a step up from the previous 458 wheel.

The trailer proudly proclaims that Thrustmaster's new wheel will have "all new sensations" – hopefully this means that force feedback is on the cards, which was a glaring omission from the 458 wheel.   

It's too early to judge without concrete details, but if the quality, force feedback and pricing is right then Thrustmasters' new Ferrari wheel could well be a more affordable alternative to Fanatec's superb yet pricey CSR range of Xbox 360 racing peripherals. 

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