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News Thrustmaster T500 RS Fixed Paddles Rim revealed


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Thrustmaster's exquisite flagship T500 RS wheel, notable for being the official GT5 and being a rather sizable beast of a peripheral, will soon be getting a brand new body in the form of a new wheel rim with fixed paddle shifters.

​While most wheels typically include paddle shifters that are attached to the wheel rim for easy access as you steer, the T500's were fixed to the wheel base which sometimes made the paddles difficult to reach, and was therefore a common complaint by sim racers for an otherwise solid setup.

The announcement of this new fixed paddle rim should be a welcome relief to those who were dismayed by the T500 RS, although pricing details or a release date have not been announced yet. While this new rim will most likely be sold as a complete unit with a base, the T500 RS also sports a semi-quick release system, so existing owners will hopefully be able to purchase the rim as an optional add-on at a later date – just as you could with the F1 rim.  

This poses a question – do you prefer the paddles fixed to the rim or the base? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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