News Thrustmaster announces new partnership with Sparco at E3 2017


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Thrustmaster has announced a new licensing agreement with the Italian racing apparel brand Sparco at the E3 2017 expo.

As a result of this new partnership, Thrustmaster will be able to develop for its racing wheel ecosystem a range of officially-licensed Sparco products.

It's almost a given that this arrangement will allow Thrustmaster to produce detachable rims based on Sparco's range of racing wheels. There's also a possibility that Sparco's pedal and gear shifter knobs – as well as items included in the 'Sparco Gaming' range of products – could be used in future Sparco-branded Thrustmaster offerings.

More details on the results of this partnership between Thrustmaster and Sparco are expected to be disclosed in the near future.

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