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News The Grand Tour Game’s transitions are so seamless that the game warns you beforehand


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Game: The Grand Tour Game

Platform: PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Amazon

Release Date: 15/01/2019

The Grand Tour Game will stand out from the crowd of racers when it releases in the middle of next month by featuring seamless TV show-to-gameplay transitions. A bold move indeed, but how seamless could these transitions possibly be?

According to Amazon Games Studios’ Craig Sullivan, who recently spoke to MCV, the transitions are believable enough that the game actually has to tell players that the transition to gameplay is coming.

We actually have to say ‘get ready’ because it used to shock some people, we’d have the seamless transition of the car driving through and sometimes you don’t notice it’s the game,” stated Sullivan.

The TV show-to-gameplay transitions do not rely on any typical video game tricks or any smoke and mirrors either, they are just cut as perfectly as possible from the TV show.

We really wanted to embrace the idea of ‘play the show’,” said Sullivan. “So we looked at it and said: ‘Right, what do video games do, what TV shows do and where can we start to blur the lines?’ So as you will have seen there’s no traditional static screens in the game. When you start playing an episode we really embraced the idea of perpetual motion.

The Grand Tour Game will deliver episodic gameplay to coincide with the next series of The Grand Tour which kicks off on January 18, 2019. The title will be sold as a digital season pass on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles with two episodes based on series 1 and 2 available on the launch date of January 15, 2019.

Are you a big fan of The Grand Tour? Are you looking forward to stepping into the shoes of Clarkson, May, and Hammond? Sound off with your thoughts below.

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