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News The Crew: Wild Run PC beta starts tomorrow, here’s what it contains


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Game: The Crew

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: 01/12/2014

As many will already know, The Crew: Wild Run PC closed beta will start tomorrow, October 15, so let's have a run down of all of the content you can expect to get your hands on.

Players taking part in the PC closed beta will have access to all of the new “extreme” vehicles, this means you'll be able to take the dragsters, drift cars and monster trucks for a spin along with the newly added motorbikes. These new vehicle types, once unlocked through events, will be available for you to drive all over the full US map should you wish to do so.

Furthermore, players will have access to “The Summit” which is a large competition event and features the aforementioned new vehicle types. Within The Summit you'll find there's 6 PvE missions, that's one for each of the new vehicle types as well as time attacks and A to B missions.

Also included in The Summit are 7 PvP missions which contain “Fighting for the crown”, “blitz brawling”, races with the new specs and more besides. Finally players will also get to grips with the new FreeDrive challenges and FreeDrive Stunts. which as the name suggests, can be created and played at any time when free driving.

The closed beta will not only contain some of the new content found in the upcoming Wild Run expansion as listed above but players lucky enough to be a part of this PC closed beta will also get to sample the forthcoming graphical upgrade and even the new wet weather system.

Existing players for the PC version of The Crew will be granted automatic access to the PC closed beta, as will those that have taken part in previous PC betas or those who have participated in the PC trial.

The PC closed beta will start on October 15 (12pm CEST/GMT +2) and will continue until October 19 (12pm CEST/GMT +2). The Crew: Wild Run expansion will release worldwide on November 17, the new graphical update and wet weather system will release for free on the same day.

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