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News The Crew: Wild Run expansion released today


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Game: The Crew

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: 01/12/2014

Ubisoft have released The Crew's Wild Run expansion today which brings a plethora of new content to the huge open-world racer.

Chief among the new content is “The Summit” which is basically a monthly competition between players “that lasts a limited amount of time” according to Ivory Tower. Here you'll find various missions, PVP events, skills, stunts and freeride challenges. You cannot simply turn up to the summit to compete however. You'll need to gain access by completing qualifiers, Ivory Tower state that they will be 2 qualifiers each week so it's continuously evolving.

New vehicles and specs are perhaps the next biggest attraction in The Crew: Wild Run. You'll get to drive monster trucks, dragsters and drift cars and even have the opportunity to ride various bikes. Each of the new vehicle specs or types have their own unique handling model of course and have specific missions and events for them.

Co-op stunts and freedrive challenges are also added in the expansion. Co-op stunts can be triggered at any time when free roaming, and there are several different types of stunts such as drift, distance and jumps where players are rewarded with bucks. Additional bonus bucks can be earned by completing consecutive co-op stunt challenges too. Freedrive challenges are completed in a crew, you simply designate several race waypoints and a finish line. Once the race is complete players will earn rewards based on their finishing positions.

Several versions of The Crew Wild Run can be found on the Xbox and Playstation stores. The standard edition of The Crew Wild Run is available for £39.99 and £44.99 respectively, The Crew Wild Run complete edition (which comes with season pass content) can be purchased for £54.99 and finally existing The Crew players can buy the Wild Run expansion separately for £24.99 on the Xbox Store (I couldn't find the price for the Playstation Store version at the time of writing).  We'll do our best cover as much as the The Crew: Wild Run in video content so stay tuned for that.

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