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Let's face it, you can't watch a Bourne film without expecting an expertly executed car chase.

From outmanuevering Paris police in a nippy Mini and causing carnage in a Moscow tunnel in a commandeered taxi, to reversing an Audi off a car park roof in New York, the Bourne series has consistantly enthralled us with some of the most pulse-pounding automotive action in this century of cinema.

Despite being the first entry not to directly follow the escapades of lead character Jason Bourne, the fourth film, directed by Tony Gilroy who wrote the screenplays for the Bourne trilogy, fortunately looks set to continue the trend, as the new trailer for The Bourne Legacy features fist fights, important-looking people looking bemused in a central control room and of course a destructive car chase sequence.



Having said that, the setpiece looks like it will break the tradition by trading four wheels for two. Jeremy Renner's new character Aaron Crosson is frequently seen evading pursuing cars thruogh crowded streets on a dirt bike, but the stuntwork still seems to be on form. Standout stunt scenes include a particularly impressive grind down a rail and, predictably, a smattering of cars smashing into each other.

Filming of the sequence took place in Manila back in January, causing closures for several major roads in the city.

The Bourne Legacy will be in UK cinemas August 13th.

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