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Game: Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

Platform: PC, PS5, XBox Series X

Publisher: Nacon

Release Date: TBC Late 2022

NACON has officially lifted the veil on Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, the very latest title in the long-running Test Drive Unlimited series which last saw a release back in 2011 with Test Drive Unlimited 2.

The “Solar Crown” portion of the title is taken from the racing competition of the same name that was found in Test Drive Unlimited 2. Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will reuse the championship’s concept giving players “a variety of things to do” enabling the player “freedom to progress through the game however they want“.

Developed by KT Racing,  Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will benefit from the team’s expertise gained through developing the official WRC games. This means its possible the newest Test Drive Unlimited game could include a range of different surface types and complex geographical geometry. It remains to be seen if the title will feature dynamic weather – something WRC 8 includes.

Test Drive Solar Crown picks up where the 2011 title left off with a massive open-world map with a 1:1 scale which enables the player to drive anywhere they want – if you can see it, you can visit it. The development team has also revealed avatar customisation will return in full force with options including clothes and accessories.

NACON clearly understands the passion players have over the Test Drive Unlimited series, so much so in fact that the new title will keep much of what made the first two titles great but at the same time will modernise the gameplay and game modes to stay up to date with current trends. Indeed, the creative director at KT racing Alain Jarniou worked on both Test Drive Unlimited games meaning it is in perfect hands.

Sadly we didn’t get any gameplay footage, nor did we get any release window or even know which platforms the open-world racer will be available on. Clearly NACON is keeping their cards close to their chests and want to do as good a job as possible with the much-loved franchise.

We’ll keep our ears close to the ground for any Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown tidbits so keep checking back for more.


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