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News Star Wars Battlefront II’s free post-launch content plans detailed


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Electronic Arts has disclosed the first details on Star Wars Battlefront II's post-launch DLC plans – including the confirmation that all future content for the title will be free.

In stark contrast to the Star Wars Battlefront reboot from 2015's controversial season pass procedure, all future maps, Hero characters, weapons, vehicles, modes and 'star card' abilities introduced to Star Wars Battlefront II after launch will be available to all players free of charge.

Electronic Arts also confirmed the content will be split into separate 'seasons' that undergo specific themes. For example, the first seasonal content drop is due for release in December 2017, and will be primarily tie-in with the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi blockbuster film.

Details on the first season's contents will be disclosed in more clarity closer to release. However, Electronic Arts has already confirmed two new The Last Jedi-based multiplayer locations (the arid planet of Crait and a space map above D'Qar), as well as the Hero characters of Finn and Captain Phasma, will be included in the first batch of content.

Though it's yet to be seen if any post-launch single-player content of Star Wars Battlefront II is in the pipelines, the wording of the free content services from Electronic Arts suggests the free seasonal DLC will be fixated on multiplayer features.

More details on Star Wars Battlefront II's on-disc and post-launch content will be released closer to the game's official launch on 17th November 2017. 

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