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News Speed 3: Grand Prix explodes on to Switch in late 2020


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Game: Speed 3: Grand Prix

Platform: Switch

Publisher: Mindscape

Release Date: Late 2020

Racing gaming is becoming a competitive business on the Nintendo Switch, but that doesn’t mean the top publishers have it all their own way. Indeed, many are conversions from PS4 and Xbox that are directly converted rather than built for the hardware, thus they don’t convert as well as they should and so a lot of the potentially core competition falls by the wayside. This makes for a great opportunity for indie developers with simple ideas for simple titles to jump into the mix and try something new.

This week Lion Castle and GS2 Games announced Speed 3: Grand Prix, referred to as an ‘action-packed arcade track racing game’ with a release date tentatively set for the end of 2020 on Nintendo Switch with conversions for PS4 and Xbox One to follow, no date for those has yet been given.

In terms of circuits, it appears to be just the three, though that could be locations, they are American Wastelands, German circuit and Tokyo. The game also features a split-screen multiplayer option, but given the limited nature of the details supplied it does appear this will be rather bare bones. Speed 3: Grand Prix will be distributed by Mindscape in Europe, rather interestingly the Japanese and Asian versions will be published by EpicSoft and distributed by SEGA.

Let’s face it, the trailer is basic, the gameplay shown is pretty dire and it looks like Speed 3: Grand Prix will quickly drop without trace when it hits retail. I certainly wouldn’t want to be holding onto physical stock past week 1. But that’s just my initial impression, what do you think of the game so far? Let us know on the comments or via our social media.

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