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News Second batch of images for American Truck Simulator’s rescale project released


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Game: American Truck Simulator

Platform: PC

Publisher: SCS Software

Release Date: 02/02/2016

SCS Software has recently shared their second batch of screenshots which tease the upcoming map rescale for American Truck Simulator.

american truck simulator map rescale preview screenshot image scs softwareThe rescale, which will come as a free update, will increase the current size of the map from a 1:35 ratio to a 1:20 which will put it on par with SCS’s other driving sim Euro Truck Simulator 2. Impressively the development team have stated that the American Truck Simulator’s map will see 75% longer roads outside of city areas too.

In fact such are the increases in map size, the day to night cycle will need to be slowed along with an increase of time between rest and fuel stops to help sync up with the larger map. SCS have previously mentioned that the bigger map scale will grant them additional space for future map expansions for the more densely populated areas.

No release date has been mentioned for the release of the free map rescale update but things are going very well. SCS have mentioned it will still be several weeks before they start internal testing, which will be followed by an open beta some time thereafter.

You can check out the very latest rescale images in the gallery below.

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