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rSeat have unveiled the RS1, the latest in its long-line of high quality racing seats.

The rSeat RS1 aims to set new standards in the sim racing seat market, with a new frame made of bent tubes resulting in a highly rigid structure. Consequently, it weighs around 10kg more than its predecessor, but will offer better ergonomics associated with a unique look and elegant flowing lines.

It is also designed to accomodate a wide range of peripherals, including Shifters, which can be mounted either to the lft or the right of the unit, Joysticks, Keyboards, Mouses, Touch Pads, Button Boxes, Buttkickers, and Dynamic Motion Systems. This means that the rSeat RS1 will be compatible with the swanky D-Box motion systems (2 DOF, 3 DOF and 4 DOF) often used by developers in exhibitions if you happen to have a spare £8k handy.

A new 4 mm thick support bracket will also be fully adjustable by 4 levels in angle and depth, so that there will be no frame distortion under heavy braking.

The RS1 is a real bucket seat made out of fiberglass and is covered with high density foam and synthetic leather. Sounds comfy. The seat will be fully adjustable, resting on 4 mm thick rails with two different mounting heights and can also tilt.

Here’s a list of supported hardware:


  • Thrustmaster T500RS
  • Fanatec Porsche GT2/GT3, CSR and CSR Elite Wheel Clubsport Wheels
  • Logitech G25/G27


  • Thrustmaster T500RS
  • Fanatec clubsport V1 and V2
  • Logitech G27


  • TH8RS Thrustmaster
  • Fanatec ClubSport Shifters
  • Shifter DSD


  • Buttkicker Gamer 2, Pearl THMP1, ButtKicker Simulation Kit
  • D-BOX ™ motion actuators kit 2250i, 3250i, 4250i, 4400i

Two new accesories are also planned to be released to support the RS1: the rSeat Shifter and rSeat handbrake.

The rSeat RS1 will be available in October with pricing details to follow.

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