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News Rocket League’s June Update and new season goes live


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Rocket League's June update has gone live which brings with it the start of a new ranked season, the Neo Tokyo map (available to play in ranked matches), another new map named “Pillars”, and the new item trade in system.

Players competing in ranked matches will once again have to play 10 matches to be granted their division based on skill level. Surprisingly the new Neo Tokyo map is a part of the ranked match playlist, it seems as though Psyonix are moving further and further away from the standard rectangular layout which may disappoint some players.

The new “Pillars” map (not playable in ranked matches) is divided up into three columns which should add some variety to the play and will require a different skill set to master compared to the traditionally shaped maps. Another addition to Rocket League is the new item trade-in system for more info on that be sure to see our previous article found here.

Other goodies included in this update include new chat options, a new post-game award screen which showcases the winning team's strengths and stats, eight new trophies and achievements and finally a new “showroom” where players can purchase DLC packs.

Rocket League Collector's Edition (the physical release of the game with all DLC bundled in) will release on June 24 for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms.

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