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News Rocket League devs to gift free vehicle ‘Skull Wheels’ as an apology


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Psyonix, the development team of the recently released and highly praised car-soccer title Rocket League, have promised fans a new vehicle as an apology for the server issues the game has been experiencing since its launch on July 7.

The vehicle, known as 'Skull Wheels' (pictured right) currently has no release date but I'd imagine it will be available reasonably soon otherwise Psyonix may have to issue another apology (haha!). The free vehicle is not the only thing fans can expect as an apology however, “There will be more!” states Psyonix, hinting at even more free content coming as part of the apology. Whether this will mean more vehicles or not remains to be seen.

Reactions to the Skull Wheels vehicle have been very positive on the whole and the apology has been largely accepted by Rocket League fans. As I write this Psyonix are currently rebooting the Rocket League server which will see the inclusion of several “good” fixes. We'll keep you updated on all of the new free content coming your way.

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