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News Roadster Shop’s “Rampage” Camaro wins SEMA 2014’s GT Award


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Game: Gran Turismo

Platform: PS1

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 20/03/1998

The heavily customised Chevrolet Camaro from Roadster Shop has won the Gran Turismo Award at this year's SEMA Show.

As a result of being crowned "Best In Show", the highly modified 1970 muscle car – officially christened the "Rampage" – will be digitally scanned for eventual release in a forthcoming Gran Turismo game.

Complete details on Roadster Shop's custom car project have yet to be disclosed at time of writing, though it's immediately apparent the "Rampage" is primarily focused on circuit driving

A report by Hot Rod Magazine also claims the car features under its carbon fibre bodywork a supercharged 7.0-litre V8 engine with 750 horsepower, along with motorsports-derived transmission and suspension components.

Given we've yet to see the 2012 and 2013 SEMA 'GT Award – Best In Show' winners brought to a Gran Turismo title, it's highly likely the first time we'll see the Rampage in a racing game is in the PS4-bound Gran Turismo 7 that's due for release in the next few years.

Image Source: Roadster Shop

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