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News RiMS Racing motorbike game announced ahead of summer 2021 launch


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Game: RiMS Racing

Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, XBox One, XBox Series X

Publisher: Nacon

Release Date: 19/08/2021

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown wasn’t the only racing game revealed by Nacon this week, as the French publisher has confirmed it will soon be adding a new bike racer to its portfolio.

The first title from the Milan-based developer RaceWard Studio, RiMS Racing is being pitched by its makers as a realistic motorcycle racing game that will provide players with “an extremely accurate riding experience” – putting the title in direct competition with fellow compatriot Milestone’s Ride series of motorbike games.

While details on RiMS Racing are very thin on the ground (as perhaps expected from a game that’s still a year or so away from launch), we do have an idea of what to expect from the finished title. According to RaceWard, RiMS Racing’s bike roster will consist of top-of-the-line models from big name brands (such as the Yamaha R1 featured in the announcement presentation), and players will be able to modify them via the game’s bike upgrades system.

Likewise, while an exact locations list has yet to be confirmed, we do know RiMS Racing will feature a suite of real-life motor racing circuits, as well as an unspecified selection of “famous and iconic roads” for players to race on.  These environments should hopefully look pretty good, too, as RaceWard is using a Kylotonn-developed game engine to underpin RiMS Racing.

Details on which platforms RiMS Racing aren’t available just yet. That said, don’t be surprised if it skips the current-gen consoles and launches only on the PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X, as Nacon has confirmed the new bike racer is on track for a summer 2021 launch.

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