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Game: Rfactor 2

Platform: PC

Publisher: Image Space Incorporated

Release Date: 28/03/2013

Image Space Incorporated (ISI) have released their very latest build of their rFactor 2 simulation for PC. Build 982 introduces a new rules system and has lots of tweaks, bug fixes and general improvements.

This latest build is said to be the first major step towards ISI migrating their game rules out of the base game and into plugins. The system will enable easy adjustment of rules for races without having to wait for ISI to develop or add them in.

The new build introduces the default car limit to 45 which is an impressive 50% more than the previous limit of 30 cars. This was made possible because of the move to 64-bit which should mean most people will have enough available RAM to run the 45 cars.

You can see the full changelog of build 982 below.

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– Added a configurable control for “Skip Formation” (but if none is configured, the Space key will be used).

– Increased effect AIW parameter AISpec has on AI acceleration and max speed.

– Clean up of AI multiline pack driving. More tolerance of nearby cars when slowingly moving towards grid or pit spots.

– FOV now stored per (exact) vehicle.

– Now recognizing GDB track type of “Oval” in addition to the original types “Superspeedway”, “Superspeedway Oval”, “Speedway”, “Speedway Oval”, “Short Track” and “Short Track Oval”. Despite all these choices, the app code doesn’t actually differentiate them, other than to identify these track types as not being a “Road Course”. The main differences in behaviors between ovals and road courses are 1) whether the spotter works (oval only), 2) whether formation/caution lines are called “inside/outside” (ovals) or “left/right” (road courses), 3) auto-shifting and AI shifting behavior, and 4) some scoring things that will soon be obsolete because they will be controlled by plugins rather than the app code

– Expanded the virtual vehicle creation to optionally include vehicle description and vehicle number.

– Forcing vehicle body collision model to be below a certain limit now (automatically LOD’ing if necessary). This is done for performance reasons.


– Fixed mod sig missing when server publishes to matchmaker.

– Addressed issue where a matrix in AI physics drifted away from being orthogonal.

– Hopeful fix for skin transfer icon mistakingly showing successful completion of a skin that didn’t.

– Fixed AI tendency to sometimes decelerate needlessly while transitioning from main path to pit path.


– Added camera editor ablity to change trackside carema names. Created AI limiter slider gizmo.

– Fixed potential bug with custom rFm file when creating mod with wizard.


– Fixed remembering of column sort state for matchmaker list.

– Added admin command “/forwardseconds X” in order to fast forward time by X seconds, where X is from 0-65535.

– CLI options for the Launcher: +connect=”:” and +dedipass=””


– Adjust post-gamma

– Fixed extra slashes at end of Shader dir in viewer

– Improved spotlight priority sorting

– Fixed for FXAA not working since last release.


– Added indication when upgrades are required on track to the upgrade tree list on the tuning page.

– Added a “remove forced upgrade” button to the tuning page to easily undo user created “force upgrade” actions.
– Shrink button text to fit inside bounds

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