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Game: Rfactor 2

Platform: PC

Publisher: Image Space Incorporated

Release Date: 28/03/2013

The upcoming rFactor 2 sim racer may be in the development phase at this moment in time, but that doesn’t mean the beta version is exempt from any major updates. The game’s developer ISI has just announced a whole raft of upgrades in the form of ‘Build 90’.

The main bulk of ‘Build 90’ consists of tweaks to many different bits of programming – among many other things, it brings with it improvements to the AI and user interface, a few bug fixes, improved textures to shadows and fog haze, and many more bits and pieces which we’ll focus in a more thorough summary later on in the article.

However, Build 90 isn’t the only announcement regarding extra content for Rfactor2 – there are new additions to the car and track roster as well. The Autodromo di Brianza (‘Monza’ to you and me) is now available as a ‘component’, and the Brabham BT20 F1 car comes with the separate V1.1 update to the ‘1960s Series’.

These updates aren’t, at least at this moment in time, going to be automatically integrated into the beta – they will eventually be available via the auto-updater, but you’ll have to install them via torrent files to begin with.

Then again, as Build 90 is a rather large step up from the previous rFactor2 ‘Build 85’, it may be worth installing it via that means – even ISI’s Tim Wheatley says that you can nab yourself the new build “from nothing” with that method. After all, the changes are so thorough that the beta is essentially a ‘new game’ now.

Below is a more n-depth list of all the tweaks and new features that make up Build 90:


.Added bloom post effect

.Updated some polygon attribs to conform to API change

.Set some shadow defaults

.Now adjusting air mass density for sky graphics


.New internal combustion engine code work-in-progress

.Fixed running out of fuel with new engine code.


.Improvements on AI cars detecting his and other’s relative motion along the line perpendicular to his current driving line.


.Made options remember last car/track list/spinner state.


.Made RFM/GDB entry “SafetyCarAvailable” work (again).


.Fixed mod downloading. LAN download was always set to true.


.Added PLR file option “Partial Cockpit View” if you only need wheels or wheels+suspension in your cockpit view.


.Enabled Ctrl-V in public dev build to view input & FFB graph. Also fixed a few compiler warnings.

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