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News Remote controlled racer RC Simulation appears on Steam Greenlight


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RC Simulation is quite simply a radio controlled racing simulator for the PC which has made an appearance on Steam's Greenlight programme. The plan by developer devotid MEDIA is to improve the game's beta for the Steam platform by upgrading much of the game's multiplayer racing action. This will also give devotid an opportunity to re-do a lot of the stuff that they weren't quite happy with before which should make for a better overall experience. Devotid also plan to add in support for DX11 rendering and for a new version of Physx 3. 

The RC Simulation beta currently features three 1/10th scale RC race cars, six tracks (with more on the way), 15 different painted bodies, real time tuning, 1000's of setups configurations, the ability to walk around the tracks, and you even have the option of using a real RC radio with a USB adapter to control your car if you so wish. Check out the (admittedly old) trailer for RC Simulation below.

You can download the free demo which includes access all of the RC Sim cars, or if you prefer, you can purchase the "full beta game" for $15 to unlock all of the tracks and support further development of the game.

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