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News Reiza Studios announces Formula Vee livery contest for Game Stock Car Extreme


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Reiza Studios has announced a new competition for Game Stock Car Extreme: design a Formula Vee livery, and have the paintscheme immortalised in the game.

As stated in the official announcement, three racing game enthusiasts cum wannabe graphic designers will have the chance to have their livery designs for GSC Extreme's Formula Vee Brazil single seater added to the car's paintscheme option list (once the entry-level racing car is added to the PC sim title).

On top of having their car designs included in GSC Extreme, the winning entrants will also have their names added to the game as well, for the avatar who'll be driving the Formula Vee in their respective attire.

All entrants have until 4am BST on May 12th 2014 to submit their designs to Reiza Studios, where they'll be judged and whittled down by the Brazilian racing game developer's art team until the victorious three are found.

The full details, terms and conditions from Reiza Studios' official statement – along with the download links for the templates, logos and wireframe references – can be found below

'Paint a Formula Vee and get a chance to be on Game Stock Car Extreme!'

As announced, the Game Stock Car Extreme will include the Formula Vee Brazil in one of its future updates.

To celebrate the partnership with this popular series, we will make a livery contest – the best 3 liveries will be on the Game, with the name of its authors as the driver!

(Read the Regulations bellow)



Wireframe Ref.:


1) The liveries should be sent to [email protected] , with the subject "Formula Vee Skin Contest". The deadline is 12/05/2014 at 12 AM (GMT-3).

2) The liveries should be sent on DDS format – liveries in other format will be disqualified.

3) The liveries may only contain the logotypes of F-Vee Brasil, Reiza Studios and Cockpit Extreme Racing. Liveries containing other logotypes or intelectua property of third party will be disqualified.

4) When choosing the number of your car, consider that the following ones are already in user and CAN NOT be used: 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 15, 20, 21, 24, 28, 38, 42, 46, 50, 53, 66, 68, 70, 76, 82, 87, 89. The livery using any of these numbers will be ignored.

5) Each contestant may only send 1 (ONE) livery, with helmet and driver suit. In case more than one gets sent, only the first submission will be considered.

6) The best 3 liveries will be choosen by our art team.

7) Unfortunatelly we can't publish the car's 3D yet, to help visualization, so you will need to use your imagination. To ease you work, the F-Vee shape is pretty simple and should help a lot.

8) By entenring the contest, the contestant aggrees in giving the rights of the livery and of your name, to be used as a driver, to Reiza Studios to the inclusion on Game Stock Car Extreme.

Image source: Reiza Studios

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