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News Redout update includes free DLC, new tracks, events & more


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Game: Redout

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: 505 Games

Release Date: 14/05/2019 (Switch)

Redout, a PC (and soon to be console) futuristic racer from indie studio 34BigThings, is a title which has impressed us greatly this year with its unique handling mechanics, luscious graphics and satisfying gameplay.

Its latest update comes with a plethora of goodies including a new and free DLC complete with new tracks, locations and events along with added leaderboards, hundreds of liveries, and more besides.

First things first, the latest free update for Redout transforms the title into what 34BigThings are calling the “Redout Enhanced Edition”. This comes with a new racing environment Europa (as seen above), who many of you may know is the icy moon of Jupiter. Players will have to tackle the moon's alien ocean across no less than 5 new tracks.

The single player career mode gets an extension which inserts these new Europa tracks to give the career mode over 100 unique races. Redout Enhanced Edition also includes ship liveries as collectable Steam items. Players can gain new liveries simply by playing the game, with a total of 8 for each racing ship, that's an impressive total of 192 liveries. Additionally, two extra base liveries will be given to everyone from the off.

Global leaderboards have been added, players can now compete against the rest of the world in time attack, pure time attack, speed, survival and instagib modes.

Furthermore, both the Redout artbook and the original soundtrack (complete with 12 techno-rock tracks available in MP3 and WAV 44kHz 16 bit) are available for purchase as separate DLCs, priced £2.79 and £5.59 respectively. The Redout Deluxe Edition bundle includes the Redout Enhanced Edition and the two items above, with the added bonus of a 15% discount on the total price for a saving of £5.31.

Finally, the development team has also released a free demo of Redout. You can also view the many smaller changes that have been made to the title in the changelog below.


Reviewed all survival events: obstacles have a lesser slow down effect 

Slightly increased Turbo performances for Conqueror, Lunare, ESA 

Slightly increased wall damage (10%) 

Fixed some contracts that would propose the wrong event and/or the wrong reward


Added Windowed/Fullscreen option 


Settings are now properly saved and loaded. No more changing options everytime you open the game 

Many Localization fixes. Gotta hate languages 

Layouts and layout showcase adapts to your last input (keyboard or pad) 

Fixed many errors when joining or hosting a race

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