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News RaceRoom Racing Experience update overhauls Touring Classics physics & more


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Game: RaceRoom Racing Experience

Platform: PC

Publisher: Sector 3 Studios

Release Date: 12/02/2013

The very latest RaceRoom Racing Experience update by Sector3 Studios has just gone live and it introduces a physics overhaul to the the Touring Classics cars which brings them up to par with the performance of the DTM 1992 cars.

The update also adds support for the Fanatec V2, improved car shadows, new internal sounds for the P4/5 Competizione, optimised loading times and much more besides.

The new 1.4 GB update is also said to prepare the free-to-play PC racing sim for upcoming releases and sponsored competitions. You can see the full changelog below.

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New Content 


– Added numerous additions to the Shared Memory to provide more data to 3rd party developers. 

– Implemented support so Fanatec rev-light works by default. 

– S-G Speed + Gear 

– G Gear 

– POS Position 

– Added a new keybinding option for Fanatec LED Display cycle in secondary functions. 

– Fixed a crash that could occur with older replays. 

– Fixed an issue where car shadows would sometimes stop moving. 

– Fixed an issue with loading screen popping up one frame between title and splash screen. 

– Improved shadow split performance 

– Added additional logging to catch resolution related errors. 

– Fixed an issue where the server difficulty was not matching with what was showing in-game. 

– Fixed an issue that could cause path to user documents be wrong. 

– Fixed an issue where the car was moving at start if gear is engaged. 

– Fixed a potential AI distance error for cars to the left/right on different paths. 

– Updated some values on all gamepad default profiles. 


– Dedicated: Added options to upload reports to ftp and http. 

AI, Physics & Audio 

– Decreased gearshift backfire amount on some turbo cars 

– P4/5 Competizione new internal sounds 

– Sachsenring – Fixed AI car hitting pitwall under ai control during pitstops. 


– Zolder: added windmills in the distance 

– Lakeview Hillclimb: Deleted animated 2D flags, replaced audience with some more highpolygons bodies, replaced 2D audience with new ones. 

– Various livery tweaks to DTM 2015 cars (available only through the DTM Virtual Championship) 


– Optimized login flow by removing redundant user page load before redirecting to menus. 

– Added additional checks for store transaction fails. 

– Fixed discounts not being considered for second pack in the cart. 

– Fixed discounts not being considered for second pack in the cart. 

– Optimized loading times for user content. 

– Fixed a caching issue that was causing image assets not to load correctly on some browsers such as Safari. 

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