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News R8 Games reveal Pacer PS4 release date trailer


Alan Boiston

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Game: Pacer

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: R8 Games

Release Date: 17/09/2020

Pacer is another of those games that feels like it has been in development forever. Initially launching as Formula Fusion before the decision was taken for a complete overhaul, this aiming to produce the game R8 Games always wanted. A game that met their vision and given the protracted development period, it certainly seems like the process has been more uncompromising. That’s a good thing, quality over quantity, making the game they always wanted to make.

You could be forgiven for mistaking this with Wipeout, indeed some of the Wipeout developers were involved with the Formula Fusion development and no doubt there was inspiration. The big difference comes in the handling, it is less ‘floaty’, less fluid and more ridged. As a fan of the classic Wipeout this initially appeared disappointing but as development moved on it became part of the unique identity of this particular gaming experience. Now with mere weeks till release we see the release date announcement trailer for PS4. So far everything is looking good and we are expecting a full 60fps presentation on both the PS4 and PS4 Pro. No word on the Xbox conversion but we’ll keep our ears to the ground (or floating slightly above it) for more news.

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