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News Porsche Taycan Turbo S electric sports car coming to Gran Turismo Sport in October 2019


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Game: Gran Turismo Sport

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 17/10/2017

Legendary sports car maker Porsche has confirmed its first electric model, the Taycan four-door sports car, will be making its racing game debut in Gran Turismo Sport in a few weeks time.

As a result of a new partnership between Porsche and the Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital, the pure-electric Taycan (more specifically, the range-topping, 751bhp Turbo S variant) will be added to the PlayStation 4-exclusive game’s ever-expanding vehicle roster at some point in October 2019.

It won’t be the only high-performance Porsche destined for Gran Turismo Sport either. Coming to the title during the first half of 2020 is the car maker’s 917 Living Legend concept; a one-off design study that pays tribute to the legendary 917 endurance racing car.

As one final treat in store for Porsche-loving PS4 owners with a copy of GT Sport at hand, the car maker has revealed it’s hard at work on an all-new Vision Gran Turismo concept car. Like the 917 Living Legend, the Porsche VGT project is on track to arrive in-game next year, and it’s hinted the new model will be “a virtual sports car concept not linked to series production”.

“Motorsport is part of our DNA and racing games offer great opportunities to drive a Porsche yourself on the racetrack,” says Kjell Gruner, Vice President Marketing at Porsche AG. “The multi-award-winning ‘Gran Turismo’ franchise is the perfect partner for offering our fans the opportunity of having a Porsche experience in racing games. To further strengthen our esports engagement also has highest priority.”

Kazunori Yamauchi, the Gran Turismo creator and chief executive of Polyphony Digital, added: “Since 2017, you can drive Porsche cars in ‘Gran Turismo Sport’. By integrating the Taycan Turbo S and the ‘917 Living Legend’ car in ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ and by working on the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo project, we are further strengthening our partnership.”

Regarding the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo project, Yamauchi-san went on to say: “Vision Gran Turismo is a movement, in which we ask automotive manufacturers to freely design ‘your idea of a Gran Turismo’. Put in other words, it’s sort of a call out from myself, asking everyone in the field ‘Are you still enjoying the creation of cars?’ And it really is a great honour to have the people at Porsche, who have a strong, unique, irreplaceable position in automotive culture, to answer to my call by saying, ‘THIS, is the Gran Turismo we imagined at Porsche.’ I think the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo will be looked back on even 10, 20 years from now, as an important ‘Merkmal’ in automotive culture.

The announcement of three Porsche models for Gran Turismo Sport (one of which, the Vision Gran Turismo concept, being a franchise-exclusive vehicle) is of stark contrast to Gran Turismo’s recent history with the Porsche licence. Though influenced for the most part by Porsche’s now-expired exclusivity deal with the Need for Speed publisher Electronic Arts, none of the Stuttgart company’s cars was officially featured in a Gran Turismo game until the launch of Gran Turismo Sport in 2017.


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