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A recent report has revealed that Polyphony Digital, the creators of the highly-acclaimed Gran Turismo franchise, has been involved in the development of Sony's most recent games consoles.

In an interview with the Japanese gaming website 4gamer.net, Shuhei Yoshida (the President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios) stated that Polyphony Digital's connections with Sony go beyond simply supplying the corporate giant with a 'tent pole' video game every few years:

"Key members of Polyphony Digital are involved in the very development of the PS4 and the PS Vita. I am thinking of asking them what’s going on with Gran Turismo, but related matters will be probably made clear by its representative Kazunori Yamauchi in due time."

Whilst Polyphony's association with Sony and its respective gaming devices isn't too much of a shock, it is perhaps a surprise that PD has actually played a part in the development of the PS4, especially as PD president Kazunori Yamauchi himself described the PS4 in one of the preview trailers to last week's Playstation Meeting as being like a "blank canvas".

Then again, Sony did announce that developers had been consulted when the PS4 was being engineered, so it's not too shocking from that perspective to see one of the company's biggest in-house game developers having an input in the fabrication of the new console.

The big anomaly, though, is the reference to PD's involvement with the PS Vita. Given the hand-held device's predecessor, the PSP, had it's own exclusive Gran Turismo title (creatively called Gran Turismo PSP), it would make sense for Polyphony to develop a succesor.

Indeed, past reports from other media outlets have not only speculated at the development of a Gran Turismo game for the Vita, but Yamauchi himself has expressed a desire to use the portable console's 3G features to full effect, should he ever get the oppurtunity to develop a game for the device.

Which, given the recent Playstation Meeting showcased the concept of streaming games to wireless-enabled gaming devices via Sony's recently-acquired cloud gaming company Gaikai, suggests a possible (and very intriguing) route that Polyphony Digital can pursue.

It will be very interesting to see what the future has in store for Sony and it's much-loved Gran Turismo franchise…

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