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News Pokémon GO beta leaks provides us first footage of app in the wild


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It’s no secret that, to a cross section of gamers, anything Pokèmon related will be as hotly anticipated as a summer blockbuster so when the first Pokèmon Go announcement appeared the expectation in the community was no exception. However since the nostalgia filled original trailer dropped, details from Nintendo and their partners Niantic have been scarce. Talks of a beta were soon found out to only extend to those on Japanese shores or at least with Japanese smartphone accounts. Well these beta tests are well under way and although I’m sure Nintendo have read the riot act to the lucky testers some further details have still managed to leak out.

YouTuber Plooper YT  has today put a video online claiming to show off some of the early footage that new players will experience. The 2 minutes video shows the player naming and customising their character in a wide array of styles and colour schemes that fit into the Pokè world before setting off for their first adventure.


Whilst no official comment has been released the footage matches up with style and colour scheme of the official released screenshots and a previously leak video, recorded during a talk by a Niantic developer, which appeared online earlier this year.

As of now a official release date for the app has yet to be confirmed, however the beta continues throughout the next few weeks. Keep your eyes over at Team VVV Games and we will bring you more details as they are published.


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