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News PEAK offers iRacers a chance to drive a real Stock Car


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Game: iRacing

Platform: PC

Publisher: Motorsport Simulations

Release Date: 26/08/2008

iRacing has partnered with automobile fluids-manufacturer Peak to offer iRacers a chance to race in a real-life Stock Car.

The unique opportunity comes courtesy of iRacing’s virtual PEAK Stock Car Dreams National Series, a special 12 week online racing series open to new and current iRacing members which runs from 1/27/2014 through 4/21/2014. Here, the successful champion will be awarded a seat in the real-life 2014 PEAK Stock Car Dream Challenge contest at Charlotte Motor Speedway in June. The winner of this three day test will then be awarded an opportunity at a PEAK sponsored ride in a K&N race.

In actual fact, the 2014 PEAK Stock Car Dream Challenge will be joined by two iRacers, as NASCAR Series World Champion Tyler D Hudson will be participating alongside whoever wins the iRacing PEAK Stock Car Dreams National Series.

If, however, you don't win the National Series, you can still reap rewards by simply using PEAK as your sponsor in iRacing. Doing so for 10 or more official PEAK Stockcar Dreams Challenge races to win an Obutto R3volution chassis and performance PC, while another 10 will be eligable to win a slightly less exciting PEAK / iRacing pit-crew baseball cap. 


“We’re excited by our new partnership with iRacing,” says PEAK Chief Marketing Officer, Bryan Emrich.  “The potential for online motorsports to develop new racing fans and future racing professionals is almost limitless.  iRacing’s PEAK Stock Car Dreams National Series adds another dimension to the selection process with the latest in online racing technology. It also exposes the PEAK brand to racers, racing enthusiasts and race fans through iRacing’s network of 50,000 active members located in more than 100 countries around the world.”

“We couldn’t be happier to join with PEAK in developing the PEAK Stock Car Dreams National Series,” says Tony Gardner, president of  “The program will enable two of the very best and most deserving iRacers to live their dreams of driving a real stock car and, perhaps, take the next step towards a professional racing career. 

Of course, iRacing isn't the first simulator to turn racing gamers into professional racing drivers. The annual GT Academy has proven to be a successful outlet for talent spotting, so it's good to see iRacing present a similar opportunity, albiet on a smaller scale. 

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