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News Paul Ricard exploit for F1 2018


Alan Boiston

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Game: F1 2018

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Codemasters

Release Date: 24/08/2018

F1 2018 has recently hit stores and been well received by reviewers, indeed our own review should be up on the site in the coming days. As ever, when lots of players get their hands on a new game, it doesn’t take long for them to find hidden exploits to expose. Today Veloce Esports driver James Doherty released a video jokingly entitled ‘Why France needs to be removed from F1 2018’. The video demonstrates a lap in the Mercedes in which James manages a 1:28 lap. The lap was certainly on the pace using all of the track to maximise his lap time. However, on checking the leader boards the top times were in the 1:15’s. Check out the video below and see how it was done.

I’m certainly not a fan of the Paul Ricard circuit, the blue lines still make me feel ill, not to the mention the entirety of the circuit being one giant tarmac run off with multiple routes. This makes it the perfect opportunity for corner cutting and James’s final lap was effortlessly a 1:17. Using almost the entire outside of the course to gain a time, interestingly the lap wasn’t disallowed.

I’m sure Codemasters tested everything and yet there is always something missed, lets hope this loophole get fixed in the next update. Either way our reviewer Tim is apparently enjoying the game enormously and our review will be up next week.

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Nelly D Racer
Nelly D Racer
2 years ago

I’m the opposite I like racing this track, on the other hand Codemasters needs to fix this and wipe the leaderboards. I had someone commenting on my Nascar Heat 3 gameplay video yesterday saying that Codemasters should be given the license for it ??

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