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News Open-wheel race cars confirmed for Forza Motorsport 5


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Game: Forza Motorsport 5

Platform: XBox One

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Release Date: 22/11/2013

One of our most long-requested features in Forza Motorsport is the inclusion of open-wheel race cars. In fact, back in 2011 Alan posed the qauestion to Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt about their whereabouts, which you can see towards the end of this video below:

It's safe to say, then, that we were elated to discover that open-wheel race cars will finally feature in Forza Motorsport 5 for the first time in the franchise.

Sadly, there were no screenshots or videos to whet our appetite. In fact, this significant development wasn't even mentioned during Forza's showing, and was instead tucked away in the official factsheet that details "the most diverse lineup of vehicles ever seen in a "Forza Motorsport" game: from classic sports cars to modern tuners, purpose-built racers to extreme exotics and, for the first time in "Forza Motorsport," open-wheel race cars."

Still, we can't contain our excitement over this development in Forza's ever-growing car collection that should bring the franchise closer to its potential of representing a rich variety of motorsport disciplines. 

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