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News Night racing coming to Racecraft, new update deployed


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Indie developer Vae Victis have recently revealed that soon enough you'll have the option to race at night in Racecraft.

Vae Victis have released several work in progress screenshots showing the nighttime conditions which look surprisingly dark and intimidating. It seems as though the majority of the light will come not from any track side lighting but rather from your own headlights which could make racing at night a real challenge.

Racecraft has also seen a update today, the version 0.4.5 build adds a sharing system (with ranking system) for tracks, changed ghost behaviour and some small GUI improvements along with various minor bug fixes.

Racecraft is a racer which utilises procedural technology to generate an infinite number of tracks. The PC racer is currently in Early Access and lets you race against AI opponents with 100 levels of difficulty. Much like its predecessor Victory: The Age of Racing, Racecraft allows you to create your own cars. These cars can actually be tuned on the fly while racing so you never have to exit the action.

Racecraft is expected to remain in Early Access until early 2017 with lots more features to be added soon. We got our hands on with the game at last year's Gamescom which you can see below.

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