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Psyonix have released the much-anticipated v1.05 patch for their very popular car soccer title Rocket League.

The new patch sees the ranked season 1 officially begin with newly added season divisions: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze (more details below). The “ranked solo standard” matches have been re-introduced back into the game too and there's been some tweaks and adjustments made to the Utopia Coliseum arena map which did suffer previously from some bugs.

Other changes include a Playstation 4 player matchmaking filter option for PC players, a new music player gives you the chance to skip through songs in the main menu, spectate mode gets some improvements and there's the usual new community and country flags along with a host of other smaller changes and updates which can be seen at the bottom of this article.

Ranked Divisions are separated into 11 divisions in total: there's three divisions of Bronze, Silver and Gold and also an unranked division which I assume is strictly for newcomers and the very exclusive Platinum division which contains Rocket League's top 100 players.

Season rankings are based on rank points which can be gained or lost depending on the skill ratings of not only yourself but also your teammates and opponents too. Earning 100 rank points will see you promoted to the next highest division, if you drop below 0 however you'll move down one division.

It's certainly a interesting addition to the game and should hopefully encourage more players to take part in ranked matches with the goal to get as high up the division ladder as possible. You can view the full changelog for the new v1.05 update below.

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Rocket League v1.05 patch changelog


AntennasAdded “Community Flags”

Angry Army

The Attack



Saudi Gamer

Added “Video Games”

Chivalry – Agatha Knights

Added “Country Flags”













Online PlayAdded “Find New Match” option to Ranked endgame screen

The “Solo Standard” 3v3 Ranked Playlist has been re-added

Rank Points are gained or lost based on Player skill rating, teammates’ skill, and the opponent’s skill (like the Pre-Season rating)

Earning 100 RP will promote Players to the next Division, but dropping below 0 RP will demote them to the previous Division

Ranked Divisions are now separated into…


Bronze II

Silver I

Silver III

Gold II

Platinum (Top 100 Players)

Reaching Silver, Gold, or Platinum division rewards players with special reward items at the Season’s end

Added “Featured Video” to in-game blog roll

Spectate Mode: Added persistent nameplate that shows username and stats for all players

(PC) Spectate Mode: Controls now support hotkeys for camera switching between players or free cam


OnlineRanked Pre-Season is now over (see above)

Overall lighting effects and ambiance have been improved

Added new arches around the outside of the playing field (because it looks cooler)

Disabled HTML tag support in chat

Moved “Blacklight” to “Video Games” folder

Moved “Edge of Space” to “Video Games” folder

Moved “Shadowgate” to “Video Games” folder

Moved “Unreal” to “Video Games” folder

Moved “Warframe Chroma” to “Video Games” folder

Moved “Warframe Loki” to “Video Games” folder


GeneralDirect Input and XInput controllers no longer stop working when played together

Repaired boundary-collision issue that would sometimes allow players to exit the arena

Repaired sound-related crash scenario that caused the game to crash on the loading screen after multiple matchesMapsUtopia Coliseum: Fixed issue that would sometimes allow the ball to fall through the bottom of the mapUI/ UX(PS4) Text chat now properly works after suspend/ resume


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