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News New BeamNG.Drive update adds new car, tweaked physics & more


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BeamNG have released the very latest build of their ultra realistic physics-based title which brings with it a host of new content.

Version 0.6 of, available now, sees the inclusion of the ETK I Series car (as seen in the video below), couplers, which enable you to hook vehicles together, and the very first experimental version of the new replay system.

The overall physics gets a fine tune across the board too which should see improved stability overall. Elsewhere the new update adds a new dry van trailer, a bollard prop, an ambulance variant, and several new trim parts and skins for various cars.

You can see the full changelog below.

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Added new vehicle ETK I Series

Brake thermals – Different types of brake pads, Brake pad temperature, Brake efficiency changes

Added first version of experimental replay system. Replay files are only working locally for now and will not be readable by future versions. See known bugs below.


Improved overall stability of the physics core

Brakes now use both of wheel axle nodes for brake reaction torque if no brake “nodeArm” has been defined. This improves the behavior of brake reaction torque (on the brake pads)

Triangles with zero drag and lift do not affect aerodynamics anymore

Environment’s sea level temperature can be changed now in the physics core, previously it was hardcoded to the average Earth temperature (15 degrees Celsius)


Added new dry van trailer, towable with the T-Series

H-Series: Added new ambulance variant, weakened driveshaft, added new 5.5L V8, fix rear leaf spring shackle colliding with body

Roamer: Added optional running boards, weakened driveshaft, added police spotlights, added new 5.5L V8

’88 Pessima: Added vented hood, added widebody kit, added some aftermarket spoilers, added skin for “Custom”, more damping on rally suspension

Sunburst: Fixed skidplate making stock bumper deform, added some aftermarket spoilers, added front splitter, added widebody kit and “Hill Climb” variant, increased suspension damping for race and rally, lowered rear suspension roll center, strengthened some suspension parts

Added brake thermals properties to all cars

Replaced fake superchargers with real ones, using a new supercharger simulation

Barstow: Added roll cage, added skinnable second channel UVs, modified stage 1 supercharger to fit under scooped hood

Covet: More damping for race/rally suspension

ETK 800 Series: Re-added missing radiator tubes, now defaults to imperial gauges to be more consistent with the other cars

Pigeon: Fixed stabilizer wheels missing/broken

Reduced radiator strength for most cars (they had become nearly invulnerable)

Tightened gearing on rally configurations

Fix wrong offsets on ETK F13 and Dreid RallyPro wheels

Removed clutchtorque values from all cars’ engines because the drivetrain simulation now auto-calculates a suitable value

Tweaked all carbon fibre materials to darker and smaller pattern

Barstow: Fixed seat support beams

Semi: Tires have more direct handling but a bit less maximum grip

H15: body panel rigidifiers weaker but not breakable now, to reduce chance of mesh stretching


Some bindings changed: see PDF here and changes:

Added left-shift binding to increase camera speed (Relative and Flying cameras)

Tweaked keyboard steering, you can now choose between Grip and Drift filters (in steering bindings), which should be suitable for more driving styles

Fixed steering not working while radial menu is active

Simplified FPS and Advanced Metric panels into a single binding (ctrl+f and ctrl+shift+f) that cycles through both panels

Internal cameras now use the zoom buttons to change FOV

User Interface

Mainmenu: you can go back to it now and better visuals:

Added support for per-scenario UI layouts (add a “uilayout” key in the scenario json file)

Fixed flickering of UI apps in multiseat mode

Fixed force feedback app not showing the full range of steering input

Fixed confusing gear binding names when shown out of context (e.g. filtered search)

Added vehicles as targets to AI Control:

Updated vehicle debug app with two new options (“Ignite node minimal” and “Explode vehicle”)

Improved UI reaction times in Modmanager (not the disabeling and enabeling of mods themselves)

Added filters and data fields in vehicleselector, that change with unit change (e.g 0-100km/h vs 0-60mph)

Added new engine damage app

Added reset button for ui theme

Fixed warning about firewall blocking the game and making it impossible to connect to the android controller

Added some Icons for xbox controller bindings

Slight cosmetic changes to help

Added ranges to filters in vehicleselector (e.g. value)

Display aero/hydro-dynamic forces in the collision triangle debug visualization


Optimized ai speed planning calculation

Implemented a race mode as part of the manual mode to loop over a closed circuit path for specified no of laps

Fixed bug related to isolated manual nodes (set as BeamNGWaypoints) in nav map


Polish work on Utah (improved road placement, rocks, etc)

Increased the lod of trash bins on East Coast USA and Utah

East Coast USA: Improved some AI roads

Added per level temperature curve based on time of day


Added confirmation screen when clearing cache, launching safe mode

Added force 64bit launch button to launcher when in 32bit otherwise

setDefault vehicle – allows custom default vehicle

Fix nomove goal problem with old format scenario’s goals

Smoothed tire skidding and rolling sounds, should be less twitchy now

Refactored map tracking to only use object ids

Added support for meshes render using translucent zwrite

Small speedup of vehicle loading

Relative Camera mode: you can store and restore positions now (see pie menu)

automatically loading vehicle modules from the lua/vehicle/extensions/auto

optimized vehicle loading: loading all files into memory first to cluster disk access without delays inbetween

renamed Lua extension callbacks to make more sense: init, oninit, onLoad > onExtensionLoaded, unUnload > onExtensionUnloaded

General Bugfixes

Fixed LUA serialization of float3 and Vector3F, added serialization of Quaternions

Fixed tire skidding sound delay: it should now be much easier to feel the tire grip limits

Fixed bullet-time progressive effect: first time an observer cam was triggered, the fade effect started from zero speed, rather than current speed

Fixed map data potentially surviving a level change

Fixed crash on Material system when vehicles have invalid json files

Fixed raycast normals on terrain

Fixed crash when game windows is minimized for some time

Fixed render artifact at the botton of flat surfaces

Jbeam / Lua

Implemented realistic supercharger simulation

Refactored Torque Curve App, fixed outstanding issues, overhauled visuals, added support for hybrid turbo + supercharger setups

Implemented much smarter ESC/TCS decision logic which helps keep control over the car in case multiple assistance systems are active at once

Fixed drivetrain bug with certain props where it expected ABS data to be existing

Added ability to poll scenario data from running scenario, for potentially dynamic displays in vehicles

Added automatic indicator turn off

More accurate measurement of non inertial G-forces on Z-axis, this improves engine’s oil starvation behavior

Added queueObjectLuaCommand (sends LUA commands to another vehicle), getNodeCount and getBeamCount functions to physics core

Fixed drivetrain bugs that affected reverse gears

Tweaked spoiler jbeams for cars with spoilers

Known Problems

Missing vehicle props (steering wheel, etc) in garage mode

Render artifacts with vehicle spotlights

Replay: Recording broken after vehicles lose parts
Replay: Audio and some visual effects not working

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