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News MotoGP 20 trailer highlights new features of Managerial Career mode


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Milestone has released a new MotoGP 20 trailer (below) revealing the main features of its brand-new Managerial Career.

The new Career Mode will see you make the best decisions to find a winning strategy in order to take the championship. This means you will evaluate all the offers you receive as a personal manager, both from real-life teams and new teams created by you, looking carefully at their engagement and expectations before making a decision. The personal manager can build a stronger team as well as negotiate for a more lucrative salary.

On the track, the technical staff can develop bikes to improve their performance but the best technicians come at a cost meaning you may have to strike a balance between budget and performance. On-track testing during the weekend will provide data for development. The synergy between the engineers will determine how effectively this data can be used to craft new parts. Furthermore, each engineer will have different skill sets in different areas making teamwork essential.

You can also take part in winter and mid-season tests to develop your bike. There are three different packs which provide different engine and frame combinations to help you tailor your bike. Once the season has kicked off, you can also improve different bike parts, earning and spending development points and by allocating your R&D staff to reach the highest level. Technical parts such as aerodynamics, electronics, engine power and fuel consumption to name a few can be tweaked to improve the performance of your two-wheeled machine.

Milestone has also announced brand-new features that will support the game after launch, that is said to further expand the content of the Managerial Career. The developer promises to reveal details on this “soon”.

MotoGP 20 will release on April 23 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC via Steam, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch (The US Switch version will release on May 5).

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