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News MotoGP 19 stream highlights all of the new features


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Game: MotoGP 19

Platform: PC, PS4, Switch, XBox One


Release Date: 06/06/2019 (Switch later)

Italian developer Milestone has recently conducted a live stream showing off the latest iteration of their officially licensed racing game MotoGP 19.

Producer Michele Caletti first talks us through the changes for this year’s title which mimic the real-world changes of the sport including a fresh new team as well as many teams and rider changes across the grid in both MotoGP and other classes.

As expected, MotoGP 19’s career mode has undergone some changes. Rather than being forced into competing in the Rookies cup and moving up through the classes, MotoGP 19 will allow the player to choose which class to start their career in.

Those looking for a little extra challenge will be right at home with the ‘Pro Career’ mode which restricts many of the game’s settings and rider aids to give you the most challenging experience possible.

Over 50 historical riders feature in MotoGP 19. A dedicated mode tasks the player to replicate key historical moments from the MotoGP series with goodies up for grabs.

The physics are very different from last year’s MotoGP 18 title with a particular focus on the tyres. The tyre model calculates grips levels based on elements such as tyre temperature, track temperature and tyre wear making tyre management key. To aid players, tyre temperatures are displayed across the range of soft, medium and hard tyre type.

The Artifical Intelligence (AI) also sees major changes for this year’s title. Dubbed ‘Neural AI’, the small ‘brain’ made up of digital neurons (imagine a brain in a jar, I’m not making this up) can sense things like tyre grip and tyre temperature. Rather than obeying a set of pre-determined rules, the Neural AI can react to certain elements as it sees fit (albeit with some guidance from the developer).

Caletti reveals that after 100,000 laps, an AI can go from not having a clue what to do right up to being super competitive. This all results in a cleaner and faster AI which should provide a firm but fair challenge to players across the available difficulty options.

You can view the latest MotoGP 19 gameplay with commentary from producer Michele Caletti in the video below. MotoGP 19 will release on June 6 across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The Nintendo switch version will follow on June 27 and includes a local multiplayer component instead of online multiplayer and its features.

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