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News Check out the latest gameplay trailer for Monster Racing Championship


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Game: Monster Truck Championship

Platform: PC, PS4, Switch, XBox One

Publisher: Nacon

Release Date: October 2020

It is fair to say that Monster Truck games have been a mixed bag over the years, those that have succeeded such as 2002 release Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction, tended to be at the right place at the right time. Comparatively basic but delivering an experience which was just what fans needed. A game like that may not quite set the charts alight today but as gamers have grown older, the experience expected has matured as well.

Monster Racing Championship aims to take the genre forward with a full-on simulation of the truck driving experience. Boasting intuitive, responsive and natural physics to bring the full experience like never before.

Following the reveal trailer released a few months back, the feedback was largely positive despite the game still clearly at an early stage in development. Now developer TEYON studio has revealed their first gameplay trailer along with a heap of additional content to be expected in the final game.

TETYON outlined their vision: “Taking a realistic approach to driving rather than an arcade-game style, Monster Truck Championship gives players the chance to pull off believable aerial and ground moves by learning the unique physics of these vehicles.” This will certainly ad depth, enabling new players to enjoy it while experienced players can make the difference.

In terms of game modes, Monster Truck Championship has revealed five core modes: Race, featuring up to eight drivers; Time-Trial; Drag Races; Freestyle and Destruction. In Freestyle, players will need to produce as many spectacular tricks as they can within a set time limit. Meanwhile, Destruction mode involves destroying a range of obstacles. These stand out as the core modes that could offer the most unique aspects of the game experience and we look forward to seeing how they come together.

In terms of overall content, there is a fair amount to get started and we’ve added the current list below:

  • 25 circuits in different cities across the United States
  • 16 customisable trucks to make each one visually unique
  • Realistic handling and physics, including independent front- and rear-wheel control, and adjustment of different mechanical elements, such as suspensions, gearbox and engine
  • Online mode for up to 8 players in monster-sized races
  • Career mode where you must manage the vehicle, sponsors and technicians to improve your performances and earnings

There is potential for Monster Truck Championship, lots of elements to get polished between now and launch, you can expect out usual in-depth previews. Monster Truck Championship will be released in October 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam, and later on Nintendo Switch.

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