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News Milestone will continue making MotoGP games until at least 2021


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Since rebooting the bike racing game franchise back in 2013 with the release of MotoGP 13, Milestone has been the sole developer of officially licensed MotoGP games. Now, the Italian developer has announced that its partnership with MotoGP will continue as it has signed a contract renewal that will enable the company to continue developing and releasing official MotoGP games for PC and consoles until at least 2021. The contract expires in December the same year. 

MotoGP 17 artworkThe announcements coincide with the launch of the first ever MotoGP eSports Championship that recently culminated with a memorable finale hosted at the Valencia GP with the MotoGP 17 game which resulted in big prizes and some competitive racing. 

“We are very glad to continue working with Dorna Sports," said Luisa Bixio, Vice President of Milestone. "MotoGP™ has been a key title in our portfolio during the past years and it will continue to play this relevant role in the future. The partnership with Dorna has proven to be excellent: year after year, we have been able to grow this license in the videogame world, achieving solid results until this year, when we successfully entered together into the eSport scene. We are confident that, together with Dorna, we will be able to provide all fans of the MotoGP™ franchise with an increasingly engaging experience in the future."

Pau Serracanta, Managing Director of Dorna Sports added: “It is fantastic news for both MotoGP™ and Milestone to see our partnership continue for another four years. Having worked together since 2012, the foundations are strong to enable us to continue growing even more – and with the incredible success of both the videogames and the first ever eSports Championship, we’re confident the future will keep pushing the boundaries, as expected from MotoGP™.”

How do you feel about Milestone holding the reigns of the MotoGP game license for the next four years? By that point, Milestone will have been developing MotoGP games for nearly ten consecutive years as work began on MotoGP 13 in 2012. 

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