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News Microsoft’s next-gen console Project Scarlett launching in 2020


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During their E3 2019 press conference, Microsoft has announced its next-gen console.

Curiously, the console’s name hasn’t yet been revealed, instead, Microsoft still refers to it as its nickname “Project Scarlett”.

Launching Holiday 2020, the console sports a custom AMD Zen 2 and Navi processor which is said to be around four times more powerful than the already impressive Xbox One X.

This all equates to support for 8K visuals, 120 frames per second, and ray tracing. The console will also contain an SSD to keep the loading times to a minimum.

The “Project Scarlett” console will launch with Halo: Infinite, making it the first time a Halo title has launched with an Xbox console since the inaugural console back in 2001.

Project Scarlett is said to support games from all generations of Xbox consoles.

You can view the freshly revealed details on Project Scarlett below.

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