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This time next week on September 1st marks the release of the monumental Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Today it's been subject to rave reviews and near universal acclaim, so it's fair to say that expectations are high. Unfortunately, this is potentially overshadowing the release of what should be another high profile game release: Mad Max.

After the traditional summer games drought, it seems baffling that two high profile games are colliding with each other the same day – particularly as your average gamer can probably only afford one game per month with today's asking prices. 

To remind you of Mad Max's imminent release, Warner Bros has released an action-packed video commercial that succinctly sums up the Mad Max universe: Apocalyptic wasteland? Check. High octane car combat? Check. Australian accents? Check.

It will be interesting to see if MGS5 scuppers Mad Max's sales on release. MGS5 will almost certainly sell well – the Metal Gear Solid series has legions of fans spanning decades compared to the Mad Max game series. But Mad Max has the advantage of being tied to the hugely successful release of Mad Max: Fury Road which battered the box office and effectively made the series relevant again for the first time in 30 years. Even though it isn't a direct adaption, the connection to the Mad Max universe will surely spur people's interest. 

Mad Max will be roaring onto PS4, Xbox One and PC September 1st. That's the same day as the bluray release of Mad Max Fury Road – if you're in the US. Us Ukers have to wait until October. Boo.

Which game will be playing next week?

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