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News Limited time ‘Tank Rally’ mode coming to World of Tanks


James Allen


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Wargaming has announced a temporary new 'Tank Rally' gameplay mode for its free-to-play World of Tanks title.

As part of this new game type (which will run in-game from 29th September to 12th October), players will be pitted against each other in teams of three, with the primary objective being to take control of a checkpoint at the end of the race course.

The Tank Rally mode's other objective is – appropriately enough, for an arcade combat game – to take out the competing team, through the use of the tank's weaponry, as well as obstacles and explosives dotted around the track.

Only one route on a reworkved version of the 'Port' map will be available in the Tank Rally mode, and only one tank – a custom-built M24 Chaffee Sport – can be used in the Tank Rally mode. However, all registered World of Tanks players will be automatically granted the Chaffee free of charge.


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