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News Latest Wacky Wheels HD update adds online multiplayer


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Indie developer Ferocity 2D has recently released anew update for their official Wacky Wheels reboot imaginatively named Wacky Wheels HD which adds online multiplayer functionality.

wacky wheels hd beach sand desert race Wacky Wheels HD, which can currently be found on Steam's Early Access programme, now supports two game modes online: Practice and Shoot Out. Don't expect a wealth of options as this is very much “bare bones multiplayer” according to the developer. Ferocity 2D of course to expand the features around multiplayer so this is very much a test bed update to see if the online portion works successfully.

This reboot of Apogee's 1994 classic kart racer features the usual arsenal of powerups and tight and twisty courses found in the original however the reboot has some interesting HD cel-shaded style graphics this time around.

Wacky Wheels HD features 16 race tracks each with its own theme and contains four game modes: grand prix, time trial, combat and duck hunt. Up to 4 players can get into the action via local multiplayer split screen and the title features a remastered soundtrack of the original game.

Currently Ferocity 2D have plans to release the 1.0 version later this month, you can view the changelog for the recent update below. We'll keep you updated as soon as we know more.

Version 0.9.5 

Online multiplayer support! 

Boost after drift! The longer you drift, the bigger the boost 

Higher contrast railings 

Minor track revisions 

** To drift, hold the brake and gas keys simultaneously. 


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