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BeamNG has recently updated their physics-based driving title BeamNG Drive to version 0.8 bringing with it a host of new content.

The update adds an additional campaign, a new powertrain physics system, a renewed garage mode, and there's a newly added “Quickplay” hotlapping mode.

Other areas which benefit from this new update are the vehicle collisions which are said to be “vastly improved”, the replay mode supports sounds and props as well as some fixes to replay length and overall quality, and the user interface features better loading screens along with new sounds and easier navigation.

New vehicles include the Brucknell LeGran (which you can see above) and there's even a new travel trailer which should prove some fun. Elsewhere you can expect to see a new upfit for the T-75, a wood crate prop, implementation of the BeamNavigator for all cars with the new boot screen and a bunch of new skins for many different vehicles.

You can view the full exhaustive changelog below.


Vastly improved vehicle collisions

Slight decrease of physics core memory usage

More realistic water drag

Working intake snorkels

Fixed physics of couplers

Toggling couplers resets them even when they are in semi-coupled state

Optimized vehicle G-force sensors

Torquenode does not default to Armnode anymore


Added QuickPlay mode: choose the map, layout, car, environment settings, and go!

Default shifting mode is now configured through the Options menu, rather than using the Q key

Added three Steam achievements for completing the campaigns:


Added new vehicle: Bruckell LeGran

Added new upfit for T-75: Dump Bed Upfit

Implemented BeamNavigator for all cars with new boot screen

Bolide: added colorable stripe skins

Covet: added ‘Vandalized’ skin, made ‘Rally’ and ‘Selecta’ skins colorable

ETK800/ETKC: More durable suspension, add “Post Crash Braking”

Grand Marshal: added 2-tone paint, reduced spiking in trunk and front wheel well corners

Miramar: colorable roof and trim using 2nd and 3rd palette colors, colorable Okudai skin, added adjustable 5-speed race transmission, working dashboard clock

Pigeon: Added ‘Street Cleaning’ skin

SBR4: corrected power output, added navigation screen

T-Series: Cleaned up beam section headers

Fixed vehicle steering wheels, pedals, and other parts becoming severely misaligned and sticking out in crashes

Reduced friction of plastic parts, added correct ground models to plastic vs. metal collision triangles

Fixed strange spawning angles and camera positions on props

Many other small vehicle fixes and tweaks


Modular and expandable system to create almost any drivetrain layout

Simulation of torque converters

More advanced shifting logic with shift timing, clutch and throttle help

Improved limited slip differentials (Torque sensing, speed sensing)

Flow of power remains correct when driveshafts or axle shafts break

Initial support for electric motors

Support for replacement or add-on drivetrain controllers for custom vehicle types

Vehicle Powertrain Upgrades

D-Series/H-Series/Roamer: Added locking axle differentials, high/low range switching, 4wd/2wd switching, unlockable front hubs

Pessima: Added 2 AWD transfer case types (viscous AWD, adjustable race LSD AWD)

SBR4: Added 2 AWD transfer case types (viscous AWD, adjustable race LSD AWD)


Added support for 4th and 5th mouse buttons (not assigned by default, can be used for gas/brake, shifting… anything)

Added new inputmaps for: “Racing Wheel Thunder V5” (using a “PS(R) Gamepad Adaptor”), “Saitek Heavy Equipment Wheel & Pedal”, “Saitek Side Panel Control Deck” and “SpeedLink DriftOZ”

Created new wiki page with all information related to controllers: Controller Support

Fixed invalid steering values coming from iOS version of BeamNG Remote Controller app

Fixed H-shifters forgetting the current gear when alt+tabbing to a different window

Fixed random moving elements in several special vehicles when using XBox controllers (deadzones were missing)


Improved replay format: now supporting sounds, props (pedals, etc), full car transparency and current UI app data streams

Minor improvement of file sizes related to vehicle shape (though new features still made them bigger)

Fixed playback freezing during fast-motion in replays if computer couldn’t keep up with the required calculations

Fixed several vehicle shape corruption bugs during playback

Artificial Intelligence

Initial support for lane driving. Currently accurate only for single lane in each direction

New pathfinder for the AI (no map target) flee mode

Refactored AI Flee Mode

User Interface

Improved loading screen: less likely to hang, better status messages, fading on finish

Fixed units of turbocharger app

Updated UI Apps thumbnails

Optimized UI updating (based on current FPS)

Added imageslider control supporting multiple previews, blending when in focus in various selectors

Level selector improvements: better detail view

Improved hotlap app visuals


Improved how sounds are affected by simulation time

Limited excessive crash sound emitting


Added support for dynamic deferred decals, used for navigation arrows on the road (temporarily disabled on lowest graphic setttings)

Improved nodegrabber render performance

Fixed possible render artifacts on the first frame after a vehicle spawns

Fixed bug causing dynamic HTML textures (license plates and navigator) to initialize incorrectly


Added new campaign: ‘A Rocky Start’

Added the new ‘Exploration Map’ that can be used by campaigns

Added navigation lines to show the direction to campaign missions’ starting location

Added ability to specify requirements for scenarios used in campaigns

Improved campaign folder structure convention


Added support for playing comics in campaigns or scenarios

Added onVehicleSpawned extension hook

Improved how scenarios find prefabs

Improved vehicle tracking with per vehicle data

Added waypoint branching – multiple routes to a destination can now be specified

Improved statistics filtering for scenarios

Extended cinematic camera to follow an additional valid target

Added directional waypoints with a flat collision plane, useful for start/finish lines


Modified free camera behaviour, to allow smoother inspection of the vehicles and less jerkiness during rotation

Small orbit cam adjustments

Improved level loading times

Outgauge split into two modules to use them separately

Added Generic executeLuaSandboxed method to catch lua execution output

added new -batch command line option to prevent levels blocking the loading with messageboxes

General Bugfixes

Fixed Recovery system only working for cars controlled by users (now also works for AI and others)

Fixed Recovery system moving your car after being manually placed with editor or F7

Fixed inability to replace the vehicle when using the free camera

Fixed inability to modify any of the vehicle color slots when using the free camera

Fixed creation of forest objects

Added safety check to extension system: Case sensitive errors added preventing loading the same module twice

Jbeam / Lua

Powertrain controllers are a superset of the previously known extension system

The entire vehicle powertrain control logic can be replaced by custom code if a mod desires so

Removed synced GFX step of vehicles

Added possible default value as second argument to settings.getValue() to make it easier to use

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