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News Latest Stock Car Extreme update adds Kansai track and Superkarts


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Reiza Studios' latest update for their Stock Car Extreme PC racing title sees the addition of the Kansai track and the amazing 250cc Superkarts.

The Kansai track is a recreation of Japan's famous 3.6 mile long Suzuka track under a different name, there's two layouts in total found in this latest update. To accompany the new track Reiza Studios have also added the 250cc Superkarts to the game along with a Superkart series. Reiza recommend setting the steering rotation to between 180-220 degrees for an accurate steering ratio.

Reiza Studios tease that June will be a “very important” month for Stock Car Extreme so expect some surprises soon. Take a look at the 250cc Superkart attacking the Suzuka Kansai Circuit below. You can see Stock Car Extreme's version 1.33 main changelog further below.

Stock Car Extreme is available on Steam for £22.99.

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Main changelog for v1.33: 




Features & fixes: 

Fixed fuel estimates for Guaporé; 

Various minor physics & AI updates; 
Minor optimization for Buenos Aires.

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