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News Ken Block takes on Brazil’s Neymar Jr. in Footkhana


Martin Bigg


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I'll be honest: I'm not what you'd call a football fan by any stretch of the imagine. In fact, I loathe it so much that I'll be doing everything in my power to watch the World Cup this year. Add Ken Block, a souped-up Ford Fiesta and some impeccable car control into the game however, and you've now got my attention. 

Yes, Ken Block is back doing what he does best: show off his technical driving skills while making it look so effortlessly easy. This isn't an official follow-up to last year's back-to-basics Gymkhana 6 however, but a World Cup-themed spin-off from sponsor Castrol in which Mr. Block once again plays man versus machine, this time Stygian Brazlian footballer  Neymar Jr.


Top Gear may already have played car football to death, but never has it looked so slick. Until next time, Mr. Block.

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